Loss Prevention Security

Loss Prevention Security

Theft is one of the biggest challenges facing industry today. Internal theft alone accounts for six percent of lost revenues per year, while the losses attributed to external theft vary widely depending on the level of security.

Silver Security understands that this is a huge concern for retail and department stores, distribution centres, and warehouses. We provide loss prevention security guards who operate overtly to act as a visual deterrence to potential thieves, or covertly to provide discreet monitoring of the premises to help increase safety. Our operatives are highly trained and professional in their conduct, as they seek to deter or identify and report theft and other security concerns in your company.

The primary objectives of our security officers are:

  • To prevent loss and waste
  • To prevent crime and violence
  • To protect life
  • To protect the client’s property and premises


The primary objective of loss prevention security guards is to stop theft. This means stopping external threats like shoplifters or internal threats like dishonest employees. Depending on the threat and environment, our officers can use their expertise to:

  1. Stop external thefts

    Threats coming from outside the business may include shoplifting or organized theft. Our operatives are trained to stay alert and observe, identify and deter thefts from occurring in your company. This is achieved by careful examination of your clients in person or using available security equipment and systems, like CCTV or scanning systems.

  2. Identify and stop internal threats

    Internal threats can be harder to control since you expect to trust your employees. If you suspect employee theft, you can hire our agents to overtly or covertly observe employees, monitor their behavior when handling transactions and look for any suspicious activities. Our officers are trained to keep a detailed log of all their activities so that any threats can be carefully and effectively dealt with.

  3. Provide security recommendations

    Retailers and organizations can request our officers to conduct an in-store security assessment or training, or to help establish high-security zones. Our agents can enhance security tagging, restructure camera placement, or adjust company policies and procedures to prevent theft

  4. Schedule financial theft audits

    You can request our loss prevention security officers to conduct store security risk assessments, document the findings and propose recommendations that will be presented to company HQ.

  5. Investigate work performance and policy compliance

    Our security officers can blend in with customers in retail stores to help identify security threats from both shoppers and employees, or go undercover in an office building or warehouse outlet to identify employee theft rings, or simply perform inventory control.


Silver Security, we believe that our loss prevention efforts should be measurable. Our agents document all their activities, including identification of potential thefts of inventory on display or in storage and property recovered, so you can easily see your savings and ROI. We can give you a detailed quantitative analysis on a monthly or quarterly basis for you to monitor the effect of the loss prevention program.

With our wealth of experience in the industry, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are working with the right team to save your company a lot of money.

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