Cyber Security

With more than 90% of the world’s companies admitting that they are likely unprepared for a concentrated cyber terrorist attack, it makes sense to focus on ways to improve your cyber security whenever possible.

We can actively work with you to ensure that all of your security loopholes are covered and to avoid losses that could be costly not only in terms of lost productivity, but in terms of long-term loss of trust from customers and lost revenue.

Dangers of Ransomware

Ransomware is only the latest trend being utilized by cyber criminals, where your entire system is compromised and you’re required to pay a ransom before regaining access to and use of your critical business systems. Hospitals, professional offices and service industries are particularly vulnerable to this type of attack, as they need instant access to customer information in order to function properly and safely – and within audit and compliance guidelines. For that reason, they’re a special target for ransomware attacks. We are able to guard against this eventuality by identifying anomalies before they become problems through proactive monitoring and actively updating security patches as they become available.

Managed Backups and Anti-Virus Software

Our managed services plans include a managed, secure, off-site backup and anti-virus software as the first line of defense to keep your business information technology safe. Managed backups reduce the potential of data loss throughout your organization, making it faster and easier than ever to come back from a devastating physical or virtual attack on your systems.

Penetration Testing / Ethical Hacking

While Silver Security does not currently offer these services, we can recommend several local IT forensics firms who work closely with professional offices, attorneys and investigators as well as corporate security professionals to ensure that all potential holes in your security are carefully covered.

Secure Firewalls

At Silver Security, we utilize best-in-breed technology from Sophos to ensure that your systems stay secure. Today’s sophisticated and targeted attacks require more than simple anti-virus software – and the advanced protection that you’ll receive from Sophos technology will help keep your sensitive business information safe from prying eyes.

Email Security and Encryption

Maintaining security via email is becoming more challenging all the time. With cloud-based email from a hosted Microsoft Exchange Server or Google for Work apps, you’re more likely to stop a dedicated virus or malware before it is ever able to infiltrate your systems. Email encryption helps ensure that sensitive emails with client and patient information are secure at all points along the information superhighway.

Managed WiFi

Silver Security provides fully managed WiFi access, including its initiate installation, setup, Guest or Customer Access and continuous updates. We also offer active monitoring and support on demand as part of our Managed Services offerings that allows clients to enjoy fast, secure WiFi access.

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Our Security Services Include: Static Security Officers Security Video Monitoring (CCTV) Loss Prevention Officers Parking Attendants Mobile Patrol.